The Old Town Hall

The origins of the Old Town Hall

Built by master builder Hans Nopl, master carpenter Hans Stieber, and stonemason Andreas Falk from 1539 to 1548, the Old Town Hall in the heart of Weiden’s beautiful Old Town has still lost none of its historical charm thanks to extensive renovations carried out between 1914 and 1917. What is particularly impressive is the raftered ceiling in the large conference room, a work of craftsmanship from the 16th century.

One special feature of the building’s facade is the melodious chimes facing Oberer Markt, whose music has delighted the citizens of Weiden since 1983. Every day at 11:35 a.m. and 4:35 p.m. you can hear a selection of tunes from a repertoire that includes a total of 99 tunes.

Formerly, the Old Town Hall not only used to serve as an administration building but also represented the center of social life in the city. Many theater and dance events took place here too.

The Old Town Hall today

Meanwhile, the Old Town Hall has lost its function as the home of the city administration. Small shops and cafés have moved into the arcade on the ground floor. Here, you can also find the city’s Tourist Information office and the Info-Point with numerous brochures on the city of Weiden and the Upper Palatinate Forest region which provide you with extensive information.

Although the bureau of vital statistics is in the New Town Hall in Dr.-Pfleger-Straße, people love to use the historical atmosphere of the Old Town Hall for wedding ceremonies and special receptions.

Renovation of the Altes Rathaus 2016 – 2019

During the renovations, some of the wooden beams in the roof structure were replaced and restabilized. The historical painting and elements on the facade were also restored. The well-known chimes on the front of the Old Town Hall were also equipped with a new electrical system.

More information about the renovation of the Old Town

Directions and parking

The Old Town of Weiden with its streets and squares, like Oberer/Unterer Markt, Schulgasse, Türlgasse, Wörthstraße, and Max-Reger-Straße, is a pedestrian zone. You can park your car very close to the historical Old Town in parking garages or parking lots. See the map of the Old Town for parking options and the location of Old Town Hall.

Old Town map