City museum with the Max Reger Collection

Weiden city museum

The Weiden city museum tells of life in the city when craftsmanship always provided a solid base for a good income. The authentic scenes convey deep insights into a time long past.

The Weiden city museum was established by the higher regional court judge Albert Vierling in 1896 as a collection of trade samples, and was extended into a local heritage museum in 1902 by city archivist Hans Wagner and city councillor Christian Aichinger. Since 1979, the museum has been housed in the Hans Bauer Cultural Center, a storehouse belonging to the clothmakers’ guild charity foundation for the old whose construction was completed in 1566.

The traditional designation Old Schoolhouse is due to the fact that both the German and Latin schools were housed here from the 16th century. 

It is particularly the Max Reger room, where the composer had his music lessons, that is the museum’s main attraction. However, this time-honored building also lends an insight into the history of artisanry and bourgeois living at that time.

The city museum receives funding from the European Union [PDF]

Opening hours and entrance fee

Mon. - Fri:
09:00 - 12:00
14:00 - 16:30

Admission free!

Address Weiden city museum

Stadtmuseum Weiden
Kulturzentrum Hans Bauer
Schulgasse 3a
92637 Weiden

Tel.: 0961-814101
Fax: 0961-814119

Directions and parking

The Weiden city museum is in the Old Schoolhouse in Schulgasse. You can park your car close by in parking garages or parking lots. The closest parking garage is in Bürgermeister-Prechtl-Straße. See the map of the Old Town for other parking options and the location of the Old Schoolhouse.

Old Town map