Jugendstil in Weiden

Jugendstil city

Due to the advent of the Weiden railroad line connection and the start of industrialization that resulted, the population of Weiden grew enormously. At the turn of the 19th to the 20th centuries, this growth triggered a kind of construction boom in Weiden.

Many of the new buildings were constructed in what was then the modern style: Jugendstil. There are still beautiful Jugendstil buildings here today that bear witness to this period, particularly in Kettelerstraße, Luitpoldstraße, Johannisstraße, and Sebastianstraße.

There is a very special gem in Weiden waiting for Jugendstil lovers. When visitors enter the Catholic parish church of St. Josef’s the decor that is revealed to them is pure Jugendstil.

Directions and parking

You can find various Jugendstil buildings in Weiden today not far from the Old Town. You will strike lucky in Kettelerstraße, Luitpoldstraße, Johannisstraße, and Sebastianstraße. You can park your car very close to the Old Town in parking garages or parking lots. See the map of the Old Town for parking options and to find the streets mentioned above.

Old Town map