Urban Ecological Trail

The urban ecological trail originated from an idea of employees of the local environmental group Agenda 21. At several stations, it is intended to look below the surface and draw attention to ecological and historical aspects of the city. During the tour one gets an insight into the natural endowment, environmental and nature conservation situation and nature conservation measures of the town and the nature park Northern Upper Palatinate Forest. You get to know some stations of the urban ecological trail, such as the Schlörplatz with its mighty pollarded oaks. The ecological value of the pollarded willows in the Max Reger Park and the greening of the facades on the city wall, among others. Furthermore, one learns who all stays on the tower of St. Michael's Church in the course of a year. In addition, the historical background, the development and the measures of flood protection are explained - of course taking into account ecological aspects. It will be shown what each individual can do to protect nature and the environment and to improve the living conditions of rare and endangered species. 

Duration: 90 minutes


€ 60 per group

Booking: Tourist-Information Weiden


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