Market square

Center of the Old Town

Between Upper Gate and Lower Gate lies the market square, which was called “The Ring” in 1489. In the middle of the square stands the Old Town Hall, with its captivating, unmistakable charm. The “Oberer Markt”, with its lovely gabled buildings dating back to the period after 1540, extends between Upper Gate and the Old Town Hall. The “Unterer Markt” is located between the Old Town Hall and Lower Gate and is where the four big fairs are held, a tradition that has been upheld since 1396, and also the farmers’ market, which takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There are many stylistic features of the Renaissance to be found on many of the bourgeois houses.

Octagon fountain

Right in front of the Old Town Hall on Oberer Markt stands a fountain designed as a three-tiered octagon. This fountain was designed by the Weiden sculptor Ludwig Hammer and his wife Pilar.
During Advent, the fountain is turned into a wonderful 360° nativity scene, which is just as awesome for adults as it is for children, with their eyes sparkling with anticipation.

Directions and parking

The Old Town of Weiden with its streets and squares, such as Oberer/Unterer Markt, Schulgasse, Türlgasse, Wörthstraße and Max-Reger-Straße, is a pedestrian zone. You can park your car very close to the historical Old Town in parking garages or parking lots. See the map of the Old Town for parking options and the location of the market square in Weiden.

Old Town map