Mauermann fountain

Mauermann fountain

The sculptor Günter Mauermann has created an impressive work of art made of bronze and granite. The fountain, which was named after him, was created in 1985/86 as a sheet of pictures with a veil of water, and can be marveled at in Unterer Markt. The sculpture is structured like a collage, which provides colorful views of the city’s history and the customs of the Upper Palatinate. The pictures have themes and show examples of people from the city – you’ll find everything from a barber surgeon to a tailor to a guitar player to a traveling artist from the fair to an alderman, all the way to a disabled beggar. The work of art is also enriched by typical scenes from the Altes Eichamt and the Latin school, as well as religious figures.

Detailed description of the Mauermann fountain

The Mauermann fountain shows numerous scenes from the history of Weiden and the Upper Palatinate. The Weiden sculptor made this extraordinary fountain with great attention to detail.

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Directions and parking

The Old Town of Weiden with its streets and squares, such as Oberer/Unterer Markt, Schulgasse, Türlgasse, Wörthstraße and Max-Reger-Straße, is a pedestrian zone. You can find the Mauermann fountain in Unterer Markt opposite Café Edelweis. You can park your car very close to the historical Old Town in parking garages or parking lots. See the map of the Old Town for parking options and to see where the Old Town Hall is located.

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