Goldsteig (access routes)

Hiking on the Goldsteig access routes

Across five national parks, past medieval castles, and several peaks over 1,000 m (3,280 ft) high – go hiking to your heart’s content on the Goldsteig, one of the most well-known quality hiking trails in Germany. The hiking trail is 410 miles long and stretches from Marktredwitz through the Upper Palatinate Forest and Bavarian Forest to Passau. A great tip for fans of active outdoor recreation. 

The Goldsteig is absolutely perfect for anyone who likes to combine hiking with cultural sightseeing tours. The excellent network of access routes takes you directly onto the main route from many places in the close vicinity. The access routes are signposted with white and blue logos.

Do you want to combine your hiking vacation with a visit to Weiden, the city of Max Reger? No problem! There are two Goldsteig access routes that will take you straight into Weiden’s historical Old Town.

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Straight to Weiden via the Goldsteig access routes

Goldsteig access route Weiden (North)

Coming from the Goldsteig’s northern route, you can hike to Weiden from the outskirts of Wilchenreuth. This stretch is over 3.9 miles long and leads to the gorgeous Old Town of Weiden through Edeldorf. The stretch is mapped as follows in the Goldsteig tour planner:

Goldsteig access route no. 6A: Weiden – Wilchenreuth (North), length: 3.9 miles

Goldsteig access route Weiden (South)

This route runs further to the south and is 4.5 miles long. It leads over Hl. Dreifaltigkeitsberg by Muglhof, where the Goldsteig is met by an access route below the little chapel. It then continues on to Schirmitz until it arrives in downtown Weiden. You can find the course of the route in the Goldsteig tour planner:

Goldsteig access route no. 6B: Weiden – Muglhof (South), length: 4.5 miles

Round-trip trail in the area surrounding Weiden Goldsteig – hiking and access routes

The points where the two access routes join the Goldsteig form a triangle with the historical Old Town of Weiden. The sides of this triangle are a good 12.4 miles long in total – a pleasant day’s tour for sports and hiking lovers to enjoy the captivating landscapes of the Upper Palatinate Forest.

Goldsteig access route no. 6: Weiden round trip, length: approx. 12.4 miles

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