Shopping in Weiden, the city of Max Reger

Shopping experience for the whole family

In Weiden, you will find long-established local shops next to international chains, specialist stores run by the owners, and upscale boutiques – shopping fun for the whole family. It’s worth taking a look even into the narrowest of alleyways, as they might contain a gem.

Quality and tradition

Names like Seltmann (porcelain), Bauscher (porcelain), and Witt Weiden (textiles) that are steeped in tradition are a guarantee of quality and the reason for Weiden’s world reputation as a city of beautiful things. Weiden’s factories are rich in history, and you can still buy products and souvenirs directly from these factories today.

The old trades also have a long tradition in the busy Old Town of Weiden. In the picturesque lanes, you’ll find everything from bakers to pastry chefs to butchers to hatters to custom tailors all the way to shoemakers. There is plenty of hustle and bustle at the Weiden farmers’ market when the regional producers offer their fresh wares. After a tiring day’s shopping, the cafés and restaurants in Weiden invite you to take the weight off your feet in comfort. And there’s also quite a lot to discover from a culinary standpoint. Have you ever tried a “Weidener Busserl” or “Max-Reger-Dunkel”? In Weiden, you’re bound to find a tasty souvenir to take home.