Weiden Max-Reger-Tage

The classical music festival in Weiden, the city of Max Reger

The Weiden Max-Reger-Tage – an excellent classical music festival where world-class performers, award-winning young musicians, and musicians from the region meet to revive Max Reger’s masterpieces. Renowned Reger connoisseurs give talks and presentations to go along with the event, thus guiding visitors through the varied program.

The 24th Weiden Max-Reger-Tage take place from September to October 2022.

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Weiden Max-Reger-Tage festival office

Altes Rathaus - Oberer Markt 1
92637 Weiden

Tel: 0961-814122
Email: max-reger-tage(at)weiden.de