Old Schoolhouse

Hans Bauer Cultural Center

Today’s "Kulturzentrum Hans Bauer" now houses the city museum, city archives, the Max Reger room, the city gallery, and the Tachau local heritage museum with memorabilia from the circle of patrons and the city of Tachau in Bohemia, Czech Republic. The Weiden clothmakers constructed the building as a granary in 1529.

After the fire of Weiden

In 1536, the fire of Weiden burned the building down to the ground. After it was rebuilt in 1565, the Latin school and German school were housed here, hence the traditional name Old Schoolhouse. The building was completely restored between 1975 and 1979.

Directions and parking

The Old Schoolhouse is in Schulgasse in the Weiden Old Town district. You can park your car close by in parking garages or parking lots. The closest parking garage is in Bürgermeister-Prechtl-Straße. See the map of the Old Town for other parking options and the location of Old Schoolhouse.

Old Town map