Eating and drinking in Weiden

From Bavarian delicacies all the way to international specialties

Our beautiful city of Weiden in the Upper Palatinate Forest is lively and multicultural, and the places to eat that are offered in Max Reger’s city are just as varied. Upper Palatinate cuisine, with its delicious fresh delicacies, is very popular fare in pubs. The typical specialties include: potato pancakes, dumplings, white sausage with pretzels and sweet mustard, oven-baked Schäuferl (pork shoulder), spare ribs, Leberkäse (type of meat loaf), cold cut platter, or Upper Palatinate carp.

As well as tasty regional dishes, you can also indulge your palate and savor gourmet foods from far-off countries. Take a stroll into the culinary world and dive into the secrets of international cuisine from the following countries: Italy, Greece, Spain, Croatia, India, Malaysia, Thailand, and others.

The many cafés have something to suit everyone’s taste. Apart from the many different coffee variations, delicious ice cream specialties, home-baked tarts and cakes that tempt you to indulge your sweet tooth, you can also enjoy relaxing and observing the lively goings-on. Revelers will find a wide variety of cozy, stylish bars or clubs to party at in Weiden.