Cycling tours in the area surrounding Weiden

Go on cycling tours through the Upper Palatinate Forest with Weiden as your starting point. You’ll find an attractive and varied landscape with lots of cool, leafy woods and enchanting lakes.

Oberpfälzer Radl-Welt

The Oberpfälzer Radl-Welt will show you the most beautiful parts of the Upper Palatinate Forest over a good 311 miles. It’s divided into six Experience categories so that you can explore the region from completely different perspectives.

The city of Weiden offers the “Culture, Food, and Drink Experience.” In the picturesque Old Town, historical charm and lively activity meet a wide range of cultural offerings. But with all the culture on offer, we mustn’t forget the culinary delights. On your route through the Upper Palatinate Forest you will pass numerous inns, and pubs selling traditional bottom-fermented beer.

Discover the other Experiences offered by the Oberpfälzer Radl-Welt too.

"Woods and Valleys"
"Traditional Bottom-Fermented Beer and Fish"
"Volcanos and Geological History"
"Legends and Stories"
"Water Worlds"

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Did you know that?
The cyclist’s navigation system in the Upper Palatinate Forest gives you with lots of useful information on individual tours, sights and bike-friendly places to stay, whether it’s before, during or after your tour.

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The “Simultankirchen-Radweg” leads through central and northern Upper Palatinate. The network of cycle routes runs to around 248.5 miles, and contains 10 day tours averaging 21.7 miles each. The 6th route also leads through Weiden, the city of Max Reger. You will discover three impressive shared churches directly in the Weiden Old Town and the two districts of Rothenstadt and Neunkirchen. At the heart of Weiden’s Old Town you will find what was once the shared church of St. Michael’s. The Baroque high altar is framed by the Peter the Apostle, who holds a lantern and a key, and Paul the Apostle as a preacher.  Archangel Michael, after whom the church was named, is to be found above the abat-voix of the Baroque pulpit. Further along the side channel, the cycle route leads to the village church of St. Bartholomew’s in Rothenstadt. Weiden’s third shared church, St. Dionysius’s is located in the district of Neunkirchen.

The new general map of the “Simultankirchen-Radweg” not only provides you with a printed guide but also a lot of interesting information (elevation profile, places to stop for a bite to eat) about the individual routes and the shared churches that you can visit on your tour.

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For cycling enthusiasts and nature lovers, the Waldnaabtal-Radweg is a satisfying change to escape your daily routine and enjoy the landscape. The route is 47.8 miles long and can be covered in 8 hrs 45 mins. The cycle route begins at the Silberhütte, passes idyllic villages with Upper Palatinate charm, and leads through Weiden, the city of Max Reger, all the way to Unterwildenau, where it merges with the Naabtal-Radweg. You will be impressed by the ruggedly picturesque river valleys – pure and unadulterated nature! 

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Explore the northern Upper Palatinate following the tracks of “Zoigl-Bier” (bottom-fermented beer). Authentic “Zoigl” is an unfiltered, bottom-fermented beer that’s brewed in a community brewery.  The cycle route is around 66.5 miles long and begins in Mitterteich, leading through Falkenberg to the “Zoigl” capital of Windischeschenbach, and then on to Weiden in der Oberpfalz until it reaches its final destination in Eslarn.

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The romantic landscape of the mid-range mountains, diverse cultural offerings, and fresh Upper Palatinate delicacies will be revealed to you on the different cycle tours through the Upper Palatinate Forest. Whether you’re cycling on old railroad lines or along romantic river valleys, having a leisurely bike ride with friends and family, or really pushing yourself on challenging stretches – an attractive cycling experience awaits!

Contact us or go to the Upper Palatinate tourist portal,which provides extensive information on the varied cycling tours (tour planners, elevation profiles, and tips for leisure activities en route).