Waldsassener Kasten

Magnificent Baroque building

Since 1990, the International Museum of Ceramics, a branch museum of Die Neue Sammlung, has been housed in the Waldsassener Kasten, which was built by the Baroque master builder Brother Muttone from 1739 to 1742. Under the aegis of Die Neue Sammlung (state museum of applied arts in Munich), there is a permanent exhibition of objects from various Bavarian state museums to be seen, including a collection of ceramics from Ancient Egypt to the Jugendstil period, from Chinese vases to modern English studio pottery; in addition to these, there are also exhibits from our local porcelain industry on display.

The regional library is also housed in this building. 

In summer, there are also a variety of events that take place regularly in the regional library’s inner courtyard, such as concerts or readings.

Directions and parking

The Waldsassener Kasten is only a few minutes’ walk from the Weiden Old Town. You can park your car close to the Waldsassener Kasten and the Old Town in parking garages or parking lots. See the map of the Old Town for parking options and the location of the Waldsassener Kasten.

Old Town map